François Laliberté a.k.a Franky Freedom is a professional musician, composer and producer based in Montreal.

Known for his powerful capacities on the drums and his wide creativity in music, François is an unanimously respected musician.

Starting to play the drums at the tender age of 8 years old, François has instantly became passionate about this instrument. With his
background of piano lessons and musical initiation from age 4 to 8, he shared his passion with his father who always opened new horizons to the young musician. François’ instinctive ease on the drums led him to play in front of audiences few months after the beginning of his journey. Discovering jazz fusion music with his dad while taking lessons with great drum instructors such as Steve Leblond, Gabriel Dionne, Mario Roy and Guy Nadon, François rapidly started to play more complex patterns with influences from Dave Weckl, UZEB, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd and Vinnie Colaiuta.

Having previously gained experiences in various regional performances and contests, François’ unique style got the attention of the drummers’ community in 2005, at the age of 14 years, when he interpreted a Dave Weckl song at KoSA. Modern Drummer representatives and notable drummers such as Jim Chapin and Dom Famularo all got together for a standing ovation after François’powerful performance. Under the eyes of his proud dad, the young drummer officially decided to start his professional career. This was a key moment for François who unfortunately lost his best partner shortly after.

Having to continue his journey without his father, François gave everything he’s got to pursue his passion and carrying the spirit of his father along the way.

With a supportive family, François continue his music education in schools while studying with notable drummers such as Aldo Mazza, Dom Famularo and Paul Brochu.

Shortly after his performance at KoSA, François got a proposition from Yamaha for an endorsement, making him the youngest drummer in North America to join the company as an artist.

Afterwards, he won several competitions such as Drumset Roland V-Drum Eastern Canada Champion (2009) and PASIC International Drumset Competition (2010).

He also made several performances in major drum events such as

Montreal Jazz Fest (2006), Montreal Drum Fest (2007, 2009 and 2013), PASIC (2010), opening show at Namm Show (2015) and
Ralph Angellilo International Drum Fest (2017).

Refining his music education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, François earned a place on the Dean’s List which recognize his high level performances.

As a composer and arranger, François shows his unique style through a perfect mix of complexity and sensitivity. He has been working on his Solo project Franky Freedom,

incorporating jazz, electronic and R&B influences. His debut album will be released on March 18th 2022.

Francois has been playing with emerging Canadian groups, touring internationally with hip-hop, jazz and R&B artists (Nikki Yanofsky, Random Recipe, Koriass, Jonathan Roy, Miro and many more) and working as a session drummer.
He is currently endorsing Yamaha Drums, Evans Drumheads and ProMark Drumsticks.

"Solid timekeeper. Good facility and very ”loose” looking hands and feet. Really creative. He’s very good!"

                                                             - David Garibaldi ''PASIC 2009''

" Feels Good. Very solid groove and time. Solo ideas are very mature."

                                                             - Ndugu Chancler ''PASIC 2009''

" Nice relaxed feel. Ah.. thank you for the dynamics on your solo. Well done on the solo and the time, stayed solid and you built to a lovely climax. Well done!!! I like it a lot."

                                                             - Tommy Igoe ''PASIC 2009''